How can your business go green?

A happy workplace is a eco friendly workplace. Many businesses are doing their best to make sustainable choices that can contribute to a more eco friendly office. Recently, big names in tech have made easy and affordable changes in their headquarters that have really help them cut down on their eco footprint. Those  big companies have showed us that with a few simple product swaps and some greener habits, any office can go green. Here are a few tips that can earn your office some serious eco-friendly bragging rights.

Watch your Waste

Waste reduction makes good business sense because it can save your organization money as well as reduce your company’s carbon footprint. A great place to start your eco mission is in the office kitchen. Make better choices by buying reusable coffee mugs, glasses, plates, and silverware. Instead of continuing to buy water bottle, invest in a brita or a water cooler. It’s also a good idea to better label your waste baskets. Make it easier for people to recycle by having markered bins around the office.


When leaving the office make an effort to unplug your devices, more often than not, electrical equipment siphons power even when in it’s in standby mode. Unplugging your electronics and appliances will not only reduce your consumption, but also your company’s electricity bills. Throughout the work day, make sure that all computers are set to “energy saver” mode. Energy saving mode makes the machines turn off their monitors and go to sleep more quickly when not in use.

Go paperless

The idea of going paperless is slightly out of reach for some businesses, but cutting down on paper usage is doable. Your company can start by using digital versions of your usual paper products. We recommend that you consider these options: GoodNotes instead of your paper notebook, Use your built-in smartphone calendar instead of a paper planner, Use reminders or task managers like Trello instead of sticky notes, A cloud storage like Dropbox instead of your paper filing cabinet.


Making the commitment for your business to go green is not one to be taken lightly; it going to take hard work, determination, and cooperation from all your staff and employees. However if you do successfully achieve a green office, know that the next generation and mother nature thanks you.