Industry Heros: The Skimm

Everyday rookie entrepreneurs mull over business ideas they think can change the world and propel them to success, this week we spotlight the entrepreneurs that have officially made it. TheSkimm’s founders Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin solved a problem and launched an idea into super stratum, making them the industry “Sh-eros” any up and coming entrepreneur can look up to. So let’s skimm you on theSkimm (you’ll understand the reference later)

So Here’s the Scoop

According to their website, theSkimm  started as a newsletter that broke down the most important news you needed to know to start your day. Later they launched theSkimm App, a subscription product that integrates future events in culture, politics, tech, and more by adding it directly into your calendar. TheSkimm was made with millennial women in mind, they set out to brief you on the most relevant news stories by sorting through the haystack of headlines. Their witty impartial form of news telling have saved countless women and surly a few men from having that clueless, head tilting, scrunched up nose, confused expression face, when their boss asks “Have you heard about… “.

Skimm Shaped Dent in Society

Yes they’ve made an impact! TheSkimm used their platform and partnered up with rock the vote to encourage young people to not only vote but to be an informed voter. theSkimm managed to sign up about 80,000 people in the first three weeks of their “no excuses” initiative.  Along with the help from a few famous faces, theSkimm can be credited with registering a big chunk of the  largest demographic of potential voters.

Quick! Jot This Down

New entrepreneurs can learn a thing or two from these ladies. In their weekly podcast “Skimm’d from the Couch”, Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin share some of their struggles when attempting to start their business. The best part is that they bring on other successful entrepreneurs who share their real life accounts of their long days, tough calls, and down right embarrassing moments that have contributed to their success.

Ahem, Let’s Wrap This Up

So safe to say theSkimm is knocking down barriers and paving the way for other women in business one catchy subheading at a time.