Markers of a Great Worker

Business owners have an obligation to hire not only qualified employees but employees with the best attitude and right characteristics to adequately accent their business. Although finding the right employee is the primary goal, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher the capability and potential of a possible employee. Many companies have tactics to help them weed through candidates by identifying markers and cues in individuals that have proven to be attributes of successful employees at the company. The recruitment process is often time consuming, but once you’ve gathered an idea of who you would like to select, keep in mind that they should possess some (and if possible- all) of these characteristics.


  1. Dependable: You could tell an employee is dependable by the way they complete tasks. Dependability is an important quality for a worker to possess because it enhances a wide variety of job performance categories. If an employee is consistent with completing their tasks in a timely manner and properly gets the job done, they have exhibited markers of a dependable employee.
  2. Flexible: An employee who embraces change and can easily adjust to changes is a valuable asset. This person will shift their mindset to incorporate whatever hurdles the business may encounter.. Nothing is ever stable in the business realm, therefore, flexibility is key! Flexible workers adapt to new tasks or work environment with ease and confidence, that’s the best employee to keep in a company’s arsenal.
  3. Independently Driven: Employees who have acquired the skill to lead themselves in order to accomplish their tasks are independently driven employees. They are very aware of what they need to do and how they are going to get it done. They don’t need to be instructed twice or micromanaged. People those distinct set of skills gives upper management the opportunity to turn their attention to other pressing matters within the company.
  4. Communicator: Communication is important within any organization. It helps to have people who are skilled in various methods of communication. This includes written and verbal communication. Having an employee that knows how to talk to people and are able to properly convey to people the way they feel is paramount. Having a good communicator on your team ensures that there will be clear conversation and fewer misunderstandings.


Having the right people surrounding you and your business is what will make your company successful, be sure to look for the attributes outlined in our post in your next new hire!