How can your company market to baby boomers?

Baby Boomers are what most marketers consider the older and out of touch generation. Although some companies tend to prefer marketing to millennials, fifty-percent of the United States population will be over the age of 50 in a few years. While baby boomers aren’t marketers first choice, unlike millennials, Baby Boomers have a large amount of discretionary income, therefore they are willing to buy more expensive or non-essential items. In the age of social media and non-traditional advertising methods, many marketers are finding it difficult to attract the attention of baby boomers. Fret not, we have a few tips to help any marketer reach their intended audience: Baby Boomers


Never call baby boomers “old”. Don’t say it outright and don’t allude to it either. It’s in poor taste to imply to your audience that you’re changing the content to suit their upward age. They too like to be considered youthful and a valuable member of a product’s audience pool. It’s advised to leave any references of “old” or “elderly” out of your marketing campaign when referencing baby boomers.


Baby boomers are loyal to their brand preferences. If they know the brand and trust it, they will remain committed to it. As a marketer, you have to recognize those pitfalls, try to find a product that does not impede on your audience’s brand allegiances.



Know your audience, and know what makes them laugh. A general rule of thumb should be to always test jokes with the demographic you’re trying to market to first before you actually commit to any major changes to your marketing strategy. Internet fads and things of that nature may go over the heads of your audience if they are older.  



If you are seeking baby boomer attention, keep in mind that they are avid readers. The more information they could get their hands on, the better. They prefer to have everything neatly in writing. Feel free to over-explain, they love to know every detail and element before they fully commit to a purchase, brand, or service. Try to steer clear from abbreviations and shorthand, to avoid confusion.


Although some of the tactics are different baby boomers are seeking the same things as any other audience, they want quality product catered to them without feeling like they are being pandered to. If you take our suggestions into consideration, we’re sure you’ll be well on your way to marketing anything to your baby boomer audience.