5 Social media tips for the new year

Social media is undoubtedly the best marketing tool for brands to have at their disposal in this day and age. Social media allows brands to publicize new and upcoming projects, while communicating with their audience in a  more personal setting for building better interpersonal connections. If your brand hasn’t started using social media, you’re missing a great opportunity to promote your business and ultimately increase your sales. To ensure success in 2019, here are a few social media tips for the upcoming new year.  

Don’t snooze on analytics

There are hundreds of tools to business can use to analyze their social media campaign success and failures. Use them. Many are free and part of the site itself, while others provide a third-party analysis. Don’t just collect reports; read them, translate them and turn them into action. Key performance indicators are the only way to tell if your social media strategy is working, and analytics  are the only way you can check.

Post strategically

Know the best days and times to post for your industry and demographics. For many businesses, it is Monday through Friday at around 10am and 4pm. However, this will vary depending on whom you’re targeting. Do your research. If you’re having any trouble posting at specific time utilize posting platforms like Hootsuite or HeyOrca.

Build  relationships

Don’t just preach to your audience, engage with them, get them involved and always try to reply promptly. Social media isn’t just a soapbox to stand and dictate, it’s a tool for engagement.

Don’t entertain negative comments

Once your social media following gets big enough, you’ll have a few trolls and baiters. Handle them professionally, and know when to publicly respond, when to let it go, and when to delete their comments. Each action has a time and place.

Strike a personal/professional balance

Trying to find your brand’s voice is difficult to capture but once you do , it will begin to shade every piece of copy you write for your brand. You don’t want to get too personal, but you don’t want to seem stiffly professional either when engaging with your audience. Although it’s a precarious balance to strike, when it’s done well, it makes your audience feel like they “know you” in the right way.  

A new year brings many things, but one of the best is a fresh start. Even if your social media presence wasn’t worthwhile in the past, you can start the year off right with these tips for your brand.