Millennial Minded

Millennials seem to be every marketer’s dream and/or worst nightmare. They know when they are being marketed to and they are aware of their power over businesses but on the plus side they are loyal consumers. Here are a few things to keep in mind, if your demographics are going to involve marketing to this tech savvy generation.


Millennials love to invest in life moments. They revel in the thought of having adventure and fun. They know that their economy is not the best and that time is fleeting so they choose to devote much of their time and energy into making the best of their situation. When marketing to them, keep in mind that this generation loves to be transported rather than just given the blunt facts.


Millennials are not ashamed of moving on from something they feel is not working in their favor. If they feel that a company does not have the same ethics and values as they do, then they simply choose another. However, they aren’t an unforgiving demographic. If you properly apologize and address the issue, there may be a chance to win them over.


In reference to the above, Millennials are very time oriented. They are aware that there are several methods of communication that a company could utilize to resolve an issue. If they have a complaint, being able to quickly resolve the predicament enables your company to remain within their good graces.


Millennials are all about taking things lightly, there’s no room for the doom and gloom. They have been known to show more reaction to ads and other sources of marketing that have some sort of offbeat humor thrown into the mix. They correlate a good laugh with friendship and positive energy. If you are trying to get your brand to relate to Millennials, try some tasteful humor.

When marketing to millennials, be sure to keep our suggestions in mind, remember in today’s market  there’s nothing more important than an audience.