Reviews: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Reviews elicit mixed emotions from many business owners; it’s a daunting feeling to have your business critiqued by people. Potential customers often look through reviews to help guide their decision-making process, therefore, keeping an eye on the feedback you receive is an important factor when running a business.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when vetting your reviews:

Quality Is Important

When getting feedback from your customers, try to motivate your reviewers to give honest and specific responses. Ask them to review products, services, and their thoughts on customer service during their experience. Reward both positive and negative feedback. Give your customers incentives for writing a quality review. The more content included in the review, the better it is for prospective clients to pay more attention to your company and for you as a business owner to make the changes necessary.

Respond to Negative Reviews

If you’ve ever received a negative review, it may be a blow to your pride – but don’t panic! Negative reviews simply mean you have something to work on, don’t immediately lash out. Treat negative reviews as system checks; if someone is pointing out there is a kink in the system, say “thanks for the heads up” and fix it. The reviewers are usually not malicious unless there’s an underlying cause. A great way to lessen the impact to your business would be to respond back to the reviewer. Don’t try to publicly scold your reviewer, instead, focus on what they were complaining about. Apologize about the situation and try to offer solutions to accommodate the complaints. Ask them to come back to resolve the issue, request further details (if necessary) to fix the issue, or offer compensation. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the customer.

Gather as Many as Possible

The more reviews you receive, the better it is for your company. More reviews give prospective customers a range of information that could help them make the decision of whether to buy your item(s) or visit your establishment. As long as you’ve been attentive and responsive to your negative reviewers, whilst thanking your positive ones, you’re showing an effort to please the people who come to your business. Your professionalism would be noted as additional positive feedback for your business.

Implement Your Feedback

All feedback is good feedback. When your customers tell you that there is something wrong, use it as an opportunity to better your business. Implement the changes needed to address the complaints from your reviewers. A part of a being a good business is constantly making updates that can improve the customer’s experience based on their feedback (think of Apple and all of their system updates). Do your part in ensuring the success of your business by changing your outlook on negative reviews!

All in all, reviews could be utilized to show prospective customers your dedication to retain and attend to your customers. Remember reviews always have the potential to improve your business, it just depends on how you look at it.