Communication Etiquette in the Virtual Community

Communication is like the grease that keeps the wheels turning. Being an excellent communicator can help you land that first job, better curate your social posts or establish a new network of friends. Understanding the ins and outs of communicating properly can separate you from other applicants or help you be a more effective employee. In a business, countless hours are spent trying to appease customers and clients, but in order to really help them, it’s imperative that you communicate with them effectively.

Here are a few etiquette tips to keep in mind when crafting your captions, replying to your emails, or typing up a document.  


Every period, coma, and exclamation point matters. Good punctuation follows grammatical rules and written social normatives. When writing any piece of content be sure to double and triple check your grammar. The way your content is perceived rests on how well it’s punctuated; one forgotten comma or misplaced period can result in confusing and ultimately misleading information.   

Exclamation and Caps

In respect towards keeping everything professional, try to refrain from the usage of exclamation marks and all capitals letters. SHOUTY TEXT is a faux pas that’s often perceived by readers as being argumentative or rude. You should save the caps and exclamations for personal messages only.


Before you hit send always remember to proofread. If your email is jam-packed with misspelled words, careless grammatical errors, and slang it may be perceived as sloppy and unprofessional. Invest some time and pride when sending emails or drafting content, silly mistakes can cost you.

Subject Line

Always, always, always fill in the subject line area; it’s the difference between getting a reply to your email or going directly to junk mail. Be concise and straight to the point given the limited amount of words. Filling in the subject line is a necessary courtesy to the recipient, it says that you are professional and considerate.


All in all, navigating the virtual world in regards to communication is a lot like the physical world; everybody wants to be easily understood and respected.