Twitter Guide For Small Businesses

When most people think social media marketing, the big contenders are Facebook and Instagram, but if you’re counting out Twitter, you’re making a big mistake. Twitter’s popularity has only grown since its inception. Their real-time updates make for an interesting social landscape that offers a unique set of benefits for any business.

Here’s how you can make Twitter work for your business:

Tell A Story

Twitter, like most social networks, provides you with a platform to reach your audience in new and organic ways. Designed to accommodate text, links, photos, and videos, Twitter is an ideal resource to get your message to the masses. With that in mind, it’s important to keep a consistent tone and voice with your tweets.

Use Hashtags

Much has been said about the effectiveness of hashtags in recent years. Fact is, they still work when used correctly. One proven strategy is to create a unique hashtag that easily relates back to your company. By encouraging customers to use that hashtag, you create an easy archive of people already invested in your brand for you to analyze. You also create a pool of organic and customer-driven content for your audience to discover. Be careful not to spam or include an excessive amount of hashtags. This will yield maximum results without alienating your audience.

Use It As a Testing Ground

Social media marketers often make the mistake of using the same headline or caption every time they post the same content. Twitter is, in reality, the perfect outlet to test out which headlines and captions are most effective. Using Twitter’s built-in analytics, you can compare and contrast the levels of engagement with different headlines/pictures. You can try posting in the morning, in the afternoon, and the early evening to see what time attracted the most traffic. Use that information to update the content on your actual site.

Cover Industry Events

Fact is, people, love feeling like they’re getting behind-the-scenes footage and content. When you and your company attend trade shows or even an office party it provides you ample opportunity to give your audience a glimpse into a world they likely find intriguing. Live-tweeting is a way to keep an audience’s attention for an extended amount of time and is one of few instances where filling a timeline is deemed acceptable by many. Use trade shows and industry events as a pool of content and you’re likely to see results.


Small businesses are low on time and resources, the best way to maximize on both is by getting the most out of social media. Twitter offers businesses a direct link to their audience in a way that other social media platforms have yet to establish.

Do you and your business a favor by making your Twitter presence known.