Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

Many small businesses suffer from the struggle of deciding which kind of marketing they should do, either digital or traditional. Having to choose one over the other is a tough decision to make. As a business owner, you want to choose the method that will bring the most awareness to your company.

Traditional marketing is the use of printing ads in the newspaper and magazines, and as the marketing space keeps on advancing, tv commercials, billboards, and radio commercials are beginning to fall under traditional marketing as well. Nevertheless, when businesses invest in creating a website, advertising their brand, product, or service through the use of social media such as, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, they are investing in what’s considered digital marketing.

Each branch of marketing has its pros and cons and it is all about deciding if your pros outweigh your cons.

Traditional Marketing:

Pros Cons
Can easily reach local audience There is very little interaction between the company and consumers
Materials can be kept and reused Print, Tv, or Radio advertisement can be costly
Familiar marketing method with older generations Brand awareness cannot be measured


Digital Marketing

Pros Cons
Cost efficient Maintenance cost
Reach a larger demographic Higher competition
Data results are real-time results Constant evolution

Nevertheless, rather than having an all-or-nothing type of approach, it is always best to have something than nothing. When deciding which marketing approach to take it is always best to have a mixture of both. Think of it this way, two heads are better than one!