Interactive Content Marketing

The internet has created a new world for marketing. If you want to spread your business’s goal and company awareness into the minds of your audience, your company has to merge with the ever-evolving opportunities available online to influence awaiting consumers. The old days of posting your advert in a newspaper are long gone. Now, we have ways to search businesses, to fall down a rabbit hole of information, to notice when advertising is among us, and how we will react to it. With social media, the scrolls are unending, and businesses can be easily overlooked. Some key concepts in creating good content for your business begins with new marketing strategies.

Interactive content breaks the fourth wall. It is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in that the company is able to become more personable with its audience. Interactive content involves consumer engagement with the company by sparking a conversation between the two. Social media is the number one place to source this kind of marketing. Whether it is a quick questionnaire, a poll, or infographics, this method of marketing lures the consumer in by receiving results fitted to their specific desire of knowledge from your company in real time with results tailored to them.

In the social media realm, questionnaires by and for companies have risen in recent years, giving both the consumer and the company an idea of what they want and what they need to succeed. Rather than full-form questionnaires, it’s best for companies to do one question after another, in case a consumer decides to opt out, the company is provided with at least one or two questions answered. With great effort put in by the company to create visually and mentally stimulating questionnaires, the consumer is more likely to have gain confidence in the company’s goal. This is where good design comes in with infographics.

Simplicity and authenticity are key when producing infographics for your company. A study performed at the Wharton School of Business concluded that 67% of an audience was persuaded by the verbal presentation partnered with visual representations, opposed to only 50% persuaded by a strictly verbal presentation. With easy-to-digest information and a color palette tailored to the business’s vision and goals, infographics and other interactive content may be the best option for emergent businesses in the digital world.