What’s Up With AR Marketing?

Have you noticed Snapchat has been consistently implementing a plethora of new filters and lenses to promote brands? From Amazon to Redbull to movie promotions, Snapchat knows the importance of augmented reality marketing. However, directing this strategy of marketing to young children comes off a bit gimmicky, as it slaps a brand on a filter simultaneously smoothing your skin, enlarging your eyes and softening your appearance. 

Other brands have used augmented reality to market their product in a more reality-bending kind of way, such as the app which lets you take a picture of your unfurnished apartment and place products to scale in your picture to understand how it would look in real life. There is also the app which lets you take a picture of your hand and choose an engagement ring that would suit it best. With online shopping becoming more and more popular, now, there seems to be a smarter way to shop by taking a picture of yourself, and seeing how the clothes would look on you. These “virtual try-on” features are intelligent strategies for the technological advance of AR marketing. 

It is expected that soon, cars will begin implementing “smart windshields” for AR technology such as augmented billboards and in-your-face maps. This could mean that AR marketing may be the next best way to promote products, create brand awareness, and interact with your audience.