What is Public Relations?

Public relations (PR) is when a professional helps a business or individual create and maintain a positive image or reputation. People within this profession maintain a positive image between the business and their audience through various unpaid, paid, and earned communications. 


Many PR professionals work with business organizations, the government, famous athletes, as well as actors. A public relations person will keep a positive image between, say, an athlete and their audience by either having a press conference or contributing towards the community. If the athlete wins an award, the PR person will have the newspaper write up an article about him/her. 


Sometimes it is the PR professional’s duty to mitigate any bad publicity. For example, when companies have to recall an item, it is the PR’s responsibility to make a public announcement and an apology for the recall. When it comes to politicians, they usually have a PR manager that helps them maintain a positive image with the public. If any negative news does pop up, it is the PR manager’s job to make things right with the public. 


People who are interested in public relations are individuals that must know how to adapt to the positive and negative circumstances of the job and be able to address negative events in a professional manner.