What is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of using tools to create a relationship between your business and potential/current customers. 


Marketing is necessary for any business because it gives companies the ability to understand their customer’s interests by finding out what they like and don’t like about their services/products. With a little help of marketing research and data analysis, companies are able to understand why sales may be decreasing or why people have stopped purchasing their products/services.  


Marketing through social media leads businesses to rely on other peoples’ reviews/comments, giving the company feedback on what areas they can improve in. Sometimes, people who really like your product/service will post pictures related to your business, giving it a free advertisement for brand awareness!


Marketing is a broad topic and can be either creative or analytical. However, no matter what type of marketing strategy a business is implementing, just know that marketing strategies should identify opportunities for improvement and growth, and be able to provide positive results that will help achieve business goals.