What is Marketing Communications?

Marketing communications, also known as MarCom, is the use of communication channels such as television, social media, public speaking, etc. that businesses may use to share a message to its desired audience or market. 


The goal of marketing communications is to inform an audience or market of what the business has to offer. Some ways that MarCom makes your businesses aware of what your business has to offer is by using some of the following marketing strategies:  


Social Media Marketing: 

Social media marketing allows businesses to promote their products/services through various social media platforms that will be seen by millions of people. This is also a great way to build a relationship with potential customers about what your business has to offer. 


Marketing Research: 

Various means of communications can tell business owners what is it that customers like and don’t like about your business and how to improve the way you conduct business based on this feedback. This can be done through surveys, social media polls, etc. 


Public Relations: 

Public relations (PR) can generate news about your business to gather publicity and generate more traffic to your business. It is also the public relations duty to maintain a positive image of your business through community service events, press conferences, etc. 


Marketing communication is a mixture of all forms of communication that deals with making people aware of what your business has to offer. Marketing communications also allows businesses to construct a relationship with its customers by listening to customers’ feedback and by improving your products/services based on the feedback that you get.