4 Key Marketing Lessons To Learn From The Gaming Industry

It’s no surprise that the global gaming industry has reached a peak of $135 billion at the start of 2018. That being said, there are many marketing secrets that you can apply from the gaming industry. 


Reach out to influencers who appeal to your target demographic:


The gaming industry has a variety of influencers that range from 15-80 years old. These influencers can be seen streaming, or posting social media content with a variety of sponsored gear or games. Regardless of your product, there is an influencer out there with fans, and evangelists, that can potentially boost awareness of your product. This, in turn, creates a trust and reliability in your brand.


Catchy Names:


A good, clear name is key when creating a product. Many best selling video games have a catchy name that rolls off the tongue naturally. Some examples of best sellers are Destiny, or Fortnite. When creating a product name, it’s best to get a sample group from your potential target demographic to poll which name would appeal to the audience. 


Pitching pre-orders:


Offering an opportunity to pre-order a product gives you the advantage of racking up sales before your product is out in the market. Depending on pre-order sales, one can judge a potential market value before investing top dollar. This will also create a hype before your product comes out. Pre-orders also reassure investors that your product is desirable. 


Provide a sample:


By making a product available for sample, you are priming your customer. An example of priming is when you present a stimulus. Whether that stimulus is sound, sight, or physical touch, it can influence a later action. Many major video companies offer a free trial for a set amount of days, or a sample of their product. If your product is able to be sampled, it would be best to give your consumer a sort of trial-run before purchasing. This allows the product to leave an impression without a commitment for those who are wary.