Why is Marketing Like a Dating App?

Why is Marketing like Dating Apps?

It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon and you find yourself bored, scrolling through Tinder, Bumble, or maybe even Christian Mingle. You’re swiping left repeatedly until your thumb falls off. But then, there’s a fresh candidate that blows your mind out of the water with an array of jaw dropping photos that highlight all the right angles, and a bio that piques your interest. You can’t help but to swipe right, and in a matter of seconds, you’ve matched! Not only does this mean the other person successfully marketed themselves to you, but you did to them too. 


 This process isn’t limited to dating apps, it is the same feeling customers get when they’re scrolling through your website, social media and/or advertisements. There are millions of competitors whether your business offers a physical product, or an intangible one. The only way to make your target consumer metaphorically swipe right on you, is the way you present your product. 


For the sake of this article we are focusing on two aspects of dating apps and how they relate to marketing- how you’re visually represented, and what you say to describe yourself. 


Let’s say you have a T-shirt you’re selling. Posting one lousy picture of a T-shirt won’t take you on the road to riches. Reach out to someone who is known by your target demographic to wear your shirt, and your product will be more desirable. This creates a connection- the same connection you feel when you share the same hobby or interest with someone on a dating app. 


Fluffing up your product description as a “Retro 1990’s Era Rocker T-shirt” Vs “Cool Tshirt” is recommended. This is the equivalent of someone having their bio as “I workout and go to school” vs someone who writes a unique bio about their goals and accomplishments.


Treat your marketing plan like a dating app. Put your best foot forward, but don’t sell yourself too hard. Make it organic. Remember, you want the consumer to want you- for you.