Is Marketing the Right Career Path For You?

With hundreds of career paths to choose from, like being an accountant or being a professional underwater basket weaver (yes, it exists!), it can be a tedious decision to pick the right one. If marketing has popped up on your list of potential career choices, we’re here to help you make an educated decision. 


A career in marketing is not for everyone. Content is unique in its nature. There’s no set algorithm to ensure your marketing strategy is right 100% of the time. The mindset of a marketing professional is creative, innovative, and constantly changing. 


You cannot be afraid to take chances. Use failure to your advantage as a marketer to learn what works and what doesn’t. Unlike in a career of medicine, or an accounting career, most mistakes can be undone. There’s no undo-ing a bad surgery or losing thousands of dollars. A bad social media post or marketing strategy can simply be erased and/or re-invented.


The beauty of marketing is that it resembles a continent. Marketing is the continent, and all its sub-parts are the countries or states that make it up. Sub-parts of marketing can be: brand management, event planner, video creator, graphic designer, social media coordinator, analytics, and so much more. 


The best way to figure out if marketing is a career path for you is talking to a professional in the field. Figure out your interest, and write them down alongside potential marketing realms to delve into. Many professionals are more than happy to answer questions about what they do, and how they knew they wanted to do it. The catch is, most of them want a coffee in exchange for their time/conversation!