Marketing Sensitive Topics

Imagine your brand strategy and pitch is performed in front of the whole world. You stand on a pedestal, surrounded by everyone who wants to tune into your message, and instead of practicing methods of sensible public speaking, you decide to blurt out what’s wrong with the topic at hand and how your company can help. Insensitivity to topics surrounding tragedy does not strike resonance within an audience, and instead, ruins your chances of getting your company’s message across.


Sensitivity to a mass public audience makes your message stand out. Imagine you have the chance to display your company’s core values in an advertisement around a sensitive topic- you have a chance at making a difference in another’s life. Don’t brush over the controversial issues, stay true to your brand and be proud to share your advertisement with the world, because someone may really need to hear what you have to say.


There are a few methods of approaching sensitive subjects in an advertisement. First and foremost, listen. Dissect other advertisements which discuss topics similar to yours. Break down the conversation that you would like to start with your audience.


Be intentional in your storytelling. Advertising sensitive subjects can not only resonate with one element of word choice. The viewer will notice specific voice pitches, camera movement, and the advertiser’s general understanding of the topic at hand. So, be sure to have knowledge in the area you are advertising for.