Social Listening to Better Your Brand

What is social listening? 


Social listening is the act of paying close attention to your brand’s audience in order to better understand what they like, what they dislike, and what they want to see for the future of your brand. Through a two-step process, you’ll be able to better understand the reason for social listening.


First, monitor your social media platforms. Search for commentary on your brand, your products, your competitors, and the content in which your audience is responding to. 


Second, analyze your discoveries and brainstorm ways to put these findings into action. With information found by the act of social listening, the possibilities for how your company will respond are endless. You may find the best way to encourage brand awareness and increased consumption is through a new brand strategy to shift your company’s aim, or by simply engaging more with your audience. 


Why bother with social listening?


Your potential customers are commenting on what they think of your work, why not listen? This is how a company can expand to reach a wider audience; it starts with monitoring, listening and responding to who currently engages with your company. If your business has plateaued with little growth as of recently, pitch the idea of social listening. Once you react to your audience’s critiques, suggestions, or activity with competitors, you will have an opportunity to grow and expand the direction of your brand.