What do people in marketing do?

When you walk out of your front door, you may immediately notice the billboard telling you how amazing Coca-Cola feels. The colors used on the billboard may influence the urgency you feel to experience the rush of carbonated sweetness. 


People who work in marketing have their work shown all over the world. You can see the product of an advertisement on a billboard, on a building, in a magazine, in commercials, and in many more intricate and subtle ways. However, what you don’t know about marketing is all of the planning and precision that went into producing that advertisement before you are seeing it. 


These days, marketers strategize in ways that pull consumers into their product, rather than pushing the product onto the consumer. With the help of graphic design, psychology, and fine-tuned details, marketers are better able to construct their marketing technique into a product that the consumer wants to give their attention to. Not only does marketing curate a series of still images or video of a specific product, but marketers use these images/videos to create a feeling within the consumer. By creating a feeling and idea of how the consumer should react after having experienced the advertisement, the consumer may become likely to engage in the product. 


The marketers’ job is to essentially create a relationship between businesses and their audience. By working for both the client (who they advertise for) and the client (who they advertise to), marketers are able to create not only a reaction but an awareness of products on the market.