How to Use Marketing

Attention spans are fleeting. The next best thing is right around the corner. How will your product/service stand out? Marketing is a tool used for centuries, exponentially so in the age of technology. As individuals and as companies, we are well equipped with the necessary tools for spreading a message in a well-thought-out campaign. With the resources to understand human psychology, we are able to truly latch onto the consumer’s fleeting attention. But where do we start? First, don’t let the fear of others getting ahead take higher initiative over your belief in the product or service you can provide. 


Make a plan. This is an essential act and coincides with the first step of believing in the idea you would like to market. Create a one-year plan of how your brand will gain recognition, expand due to marketing techniques (see next step), and continue to build from thereon. (Be forewarned, things do not always go according to plan, and this is okay). 


Create marketing techniques. Your marketing techniques will evolve throughout the months and years of your brand’s expansion. For the sake of new beginnings, research your target audience’s most commonly used platforms for viewing advertisements. This can help you decide whether your campaign would benefit from an aural advertisement, or both a visual and aural advertisement. Another key element for a marketing technique to shine through to the specific audience you are targeting is competence in the message’s overall tone and direction.


Identify your competitors. Become familiar with the tactics and techniques of your competitors in order to establish a clear understanding of what works, what doesn’t, and what they aren’t doing so that your campaign captures the audience’s attention. 


Create a clear message. Describe what your product/service will do for the consumer. Subtly describe what differentiates your product/service from competitors (no bashing). If you will be running a visual campaign via social media platforms or television, draw out your idea with styles that will remain consistent in future campaigns, and use visuals to help explain the message of your brand. 


Budget. Create a budget for your campaign. Figure out how much it will cost to execute your previously established plan and move forward from there, tweaking when necessary.


Expectations. What are your expectations? What will the outcome of your campaign look like? Write all of this down, piece by piece, month by month, write down what your monthly goals are, and keep track of what works and what doesn’t. 


All of these steps are intended to encourage your route to success. Make a plan, execute it, and push forward to get your idea out there!