The Future of Marketing

The expansive collaboration of marketing and social media has created an entirely new outlook on products/services for the consumer as well as new ways to interact with the brand. If you own a company and you’re trying to market your product/service, the most cost-effective and relevant way to share your ideas is to get on social media. But what will the new year bring as far as innovation in social media marketing?


Algorithms in social media are a way of sorting and filtering the posts on your feed based on their relevance to your likes instead of the time in which they were published. Algorithms can be confusing and tedious to keep up with. However, as the algorithms evolve, simple engagements are what your posts need to gain traction in the algorithm and stay at the top of social media feeds. Try more call-to-action posts to stay relevant to your audience!


Influencers, specifically “microinfluencers,” are producing the previously discussed video content to reach a wider audience for the lesser-known brands. Not only is video content produced by everyday people a way to reach more consumers, but it is also a more authentic advertising experience for the consumer. 


User-Generated Content (UGC) is when a customer reviews a product or service via commentary, video, etc. UGC often coincides with the microinfluencer form of marketing. Authenticity isn’t created, produced, or sold, but rather, it’s the result of transparency through UGC. 


Live videos have been around for a few years now but the utilization of live videos is expected to take off this upcoming year. Real-time video is one of the most highly transparent ways of marketing or sharing a product or service. Live videos are also able to be saved and stored for your viewers to watch at a later time if they missed the live streaming.


Augmented Reality is an interactive experience that superimposes CGI to a real-world environment. Using AR to showcase your product/service is the first step in helping your audience more genuinely understand the experience you are trying to provide them with. AR lets your potential customer “try before they buy” and is most conveniently provided by filters on social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. 


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