Adverts to Think About

Ads in today’s market are complete with a quick jingle, flashing images with a red-hot attempt of urgency, all aimed toward the masses attracted to direction, following instruction, etc. But with Generation Z carrying the Millennial torch in promoting transparency, the brands are still stricken with an issue; a mirror raised in front of their companies, encouraging a revolution in the way advertisements are created and consumed. So, how do we advertise the 4 essential P’s of marketing- price, product, promotion, and place- without blatantly overcompensating? Let’s take a look at this round-up of advertisements that did a great job of highlighting the new way of marketing. 

  1. Dorit- Wait? This spot lets their brand go without saying during the entire commercial. Logo-free and brand-free, the advertisement was able to explain their product visually and viscerally, without the unnecessary cheesiness (pun intended).

  1. Tetley, the tea brand, came out with an ad featuring all civilized people’s ultimate subject – pets. A cat and a dog share a cup of tea and conversation once their owner leaves, delivering a delightful sentiment of how Tetley can get anyone talking.

  1. A billboard making international headlines has a groundbreaking message to share: “Scream Your Own Name.” The brand, Womanizer, shares the story of a certain dissonance in women’s pleasure and has decided it’s time to break the theory of women not being heard, per the copywriter’s creative tagline.

2020 is a year of clarity and hope for the advertisement industry. Gen Z has long caught on to the antics behind the scenes and creativity is in high demand. Innovation, authenticity, and creativity are all the buzz when it comes to sticking out of the crowd.