How Much Are Candidates Spending on Ads?

Some candidates come from more money than others. Some candidates raise money while others pay out of pocket to create ad campaigns for TV spots and social media platforms. Let’s do a breakdown of the amount spent on advertisement for the 2020 presidential election:

Mike Bloomberg: $209.3 million

Tom Steyer: $83 million 

Donald Trump: $35 million

Elizabeth Warren: $34.3 million 

Pete Buttigieg: $19 million

Amy Klobuchar: $13.7 million

Andrew Yang: $1.6 million

Mike Bloomberg will be spending $10 million on a 60-second TV spot played during the Superbowl commercials and has reportedly spent around $209 million since joining the race in late November 2019. Following this big spender is Tom Steyer, who is focusing these ad spots in early voting states such as New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada. 

Since the rise of social media and its impact on voter turnout, presidential candidates have utilized the opportunity of social media as a way to reach their audience and engage with voters of all walks of life on a more personable level. With social media being the most transparent mode of advertising, and both Millennials and Gen Z’ers making up most of its inhabitants, presidential candidates should be wary.