Paris Fashion Week

Fashion demands attention. Designers put their visions on display, and whether the public reacts well or not, the intention is to evoke emotion within the consumer/viewer. Each campaign in this year’s Paris Fashion Week had styles specific to their individual brand, and have consistently resembled and evolved the look of their own brand from past years, giving an impression of authenticity with a distinct voice. The debut of high fashion designers’ Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer lines have walked the runway of each unique set designers’ own choosing. Big names demonstrated their latest visions for the upcoming seasons and with each creative campaign comes a promising consumer reaction. 

Haute couture icon, Valentino, created another elegant collection with red carpet-ready attire. Staple pieces trending throughout most of his show included earrings dangling to the collarbone with bold and vibrant shapes, mermaid-style gowns, and long leather gloves to give each look a nice contrast. 

Valentino | HAUTE COUTURE SS20

Iris van Herpen’s mermaid style dresses complimented the underwater trope of her latest couture collection. Her impeccable style of creating a fish out of water experience is presented by the wavy lines and points of contrast throughout each detail in her designs. Van Herpen’s choice of fabrics and colors bend and flounce in ways that evoke the essence of the organisms she attempts to bring out from under. 

Iris van Herpen ~ Sensory Seas

Undercover provided a show to last a lifetime in the fashion spotlight. Dystopian performers danced a tragic and seemingly interpretive narrative to the fashion surrounding them. This campaign will make the Undercover brand stand out from the crowd of beauty and show the shadow side of the vision of future fashion. 

Undercover Fall/Winter 2020.21 | Paris Prêt-à-porter Homme

So, how do the consumers recognize these designers in the first place? Well, as with most marketing tactics, Paris Fashion Week utilizes social media to the best of its ability in order to spread awareness of the artful week. Or, you could be Jean Paul Gaultier, a fashion icon who celebrated his final runway show after 50 years. His haute couture show was a riot, eclectic and celebratory of each piece’s personality, worn by models with such character that each look was made their own. Representing the diversity of human expression through fashion design is Jean Paul Gaultier’s signature, and this gained his final show as much media attention as the event as a whole. 

Jean Paul Gaultier | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2020 | Full Show

Aside from the event as a whole, followers and devotees who are subscribed to being in the know of their favorite designers have long awaited the release of their new collections at PFW. With this recognition and the multifunctional works of social media, PFW is thriving more and more each year, with fans old and new.