What’s the Better Use of Advertising: TV or Social Media?

The year is 2020, cable has been exchanged for streaming in the mind of the average Millennial/Gen Zer. Though regularly-scheduled TV is a fading thought amongst Millennials/Gen Z’ers, these groups of people make up most of the buying power as consumers. Aside from Amazon searches and online shopping, how do these consumers know what they want to buy? Most of these purchases aren’t necessities, or even hobby driven, but these groups are choosing to spend the income they do have differently than older generations. What else are Millennials and Gen Z’ers doing on the internet? Ah, yes. Social media. 

Social media, the social hub of all things trending and favorable due to FOMO (fear of missing out). How can businesses ever take advantage of that? Advertising campaigns are blending in more than ever with social media noise, especially when the consumer is in the everlasting zombie scroll. Does your company have a product? Is it designed with trending colors and cuts? Do you have a seamless video of the product in use? Have you created an experience for the customer? As Foot Locker’s Mel Peralta mentioned in a recent The Glossy Podcast episode, “You want to be able to stop the scroll.” Social media advertising is the greatest way of raising subtle hints in the psyche of the consumer’s mind, encouraging their needs and wants to buy, and therefore increasing spending for even the most niche of markets. If your product is dimensional enough, the answer to what mode of advertising to use is pretty clear, striking social media video or imagery that transcends barriers and evolves culture is the way to go.