Top 3 Valentine’s Day Campaigns of the Decade

Valentine’s Day graced us again this year, and while the day may have seemed a bit anticlimactic for some, the ads never fail to remind us to indulge in a little self-love. Whether that self-love looks like a personalized night to yourself wearing your favorite lingerie, shaving until completely smooth, or sharing the love with a bouquet of roses, ads like these get us to recognize that these promotions can serve us well as individuals. 

Adore Me lingerie brand came out with a video advert featuring a diverse set of women and highlights their unique desires this Valentine’s Day without following the strict ‘rules’ of having a flower-bearing man and chocolates.

Schick Razor advertised their product this Valentine’s Day by reversing the gender roles of shaving with the tagline, “Would you kiss you?” The three adverts portray different women with facial hair, encouraging men to shave in favor of the women who would rather not smooch sasquatch. 

The floral company, Funny How Flowers Do That, put out an advertisement for Valentine’s Day featuring cupid as a drone. This red, buzzing piece of tech was dropping roses for anyone to pick up and share to spread the love for beauty.

While some ads may be cheesy and others may be sentimental, Valentine’s Day should always be about togetherness, wrapped in a red bow with a trail of petals leading you wherever your heart desires, and these ads did their best at interpreting this special day.