Ad Spending and Political Campaigning

Advertisements in the political sphere can impact the minds and overall voter turnout for citizens who are interested in politics, but not enough so to do extensive research. Political campaigns influence the average undecided voter with each spot that’s run. The problem here can arise when one candidate has more spending power than another candidate, leaving the candidate without as much spending flexibility to go unseen or unnoticed by the average voter. Many presidential candidates may deem this unfair, as the American people should be informed of all candidates and their proposals for the presidency or any other high-ranking political position. Unfortunately, this responsibility weighs heavily on the voter themself. Let’s break down how much ad spending goes into the two largest platforms and the reach each platform is able to provide.

Facebook: 59.4% of political ads, amounting to $796.8 million.

Google: 18.2% of political ads, amounting to $243.7 million.

Top social media advertisers since May 2018:

  • Mike Bloomberg 2020, Inc: $49,050,600
  • Make America Great Again Committee: $12,805,500
  • Tom Steyer 2020: $8,214,800
  • Pete For America, Inc: $6,867,000
  • Bernie 2020: $5,955,200

YouTube ads are typically run throughout an entire day, regardless if the ad pertains to the content of the video you are waiting to watch, giving the advertisement an ability to reach any and all consumers. Aside from this, candidates pay for the ad run if the viewer clicks on the video after the first few seconds. This means that if the main message is captured in the first initial seconds, the message is already delivered. Facebook ads run, on average, for two weeks, giving the consumer enough time to stumble upon the advertisement.

Political campaigning does not stop at televised advertisements anymore. It’s the year 2020, and candidates are taking advantage of the platforms that can provide the highest amount of reach to the largest range of voters. Be on the lookout for these political ads and don’t forget to do your research.