Political Yard Signs

Yard sign advertisements, not to be confused with picketing, can be a form of marketing a product, service, or statement through the use of a sign. Yard signs have many benefits for the purpose of advertising and are an affordable way to spread awareness of your product, service, or statement. 

Advertising on a billboard could run you up to $1,000/month, and even more if you want your billboard to be seen on a popular highway. Yard signs are as cheap as .65 cents and can be displayed in spots that get plenty of exposure. However, it’s important to research local laws to ensure you are legally allowed to use a certain spot for your yard sign advertisement because the most important factor in yard sign advertising is location, location, location.

Yard signs make a cost-effective political statement as well. Basic common laws for this form of political advertising prohibit their use in the middle of roundabouts, 100 feet away from polling locations, traffic circles, and sidewalks. Some counties or states require that the political yard sign is removed within 48 hours of the election whether you’re the winning part or not. Damages and stolen signs are to be expected especially with opposing politics in yard sign advertising, so make sure to track your yard signs; jot down your sign’s placement and the amount you set out.

Most drivers/passersby who see your message live within a certain radius of your signage and are more likely to be influenced. The mobility of your sign, however, gives it a chance to reach more audiences and spread more awareness. Happy campaigning!