Google Trends

What’s trending on Google? None other than the coronavirus. In fact, the rapidly spreading virus is taking over searches across the world. The top five most recent searches in regards to the coronavirus include:

  • What is the Defense Production Act?
  • Who qualifies for a stimulus check?
  • What is paracetamol?
  • What is martial law?
  • How long will coronavirus last?

The Defense Production Act was first enacted in 1950 during the Korean war, in order for industry production to be in service of national defense forces. Recently, the DPA was invoked by the President in order to increase the manufacturing of ventilators and breathing machines. On Wednesday, President Trump first mentioned the Defense Production Act, and within one day, the question, “What is the Defense Production Act?” reached the top Google search. 

A stimulus check is not unfamiliar to the American people and had been implemented during the Great Recession, in which Americans received $300-600 (plus $300 per child), as well as after 9/11, in which American’s received $300. With inflation, the checks we would be receiving are upwards of $1,000 per adult. But the Google search is “who qualifies for a stimulus check?” According to Google, single American’s who make under $75,000/year and couples jointly filing $150,000 qualify to receive $1,200/month. This provides relief to American workers and workers who have been laid off or fired during the first pandemic in over one hundred years. 

Doctors are suggesting people do not take ibuprofen to combat symptoms of coronavirus and to instead take something called paracetamol. Days after French health minister, Olivier Veran, suggested not to take anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen to treat the coronavirus as it could worsen symptoms, the Department of Health and Social Care recommended the use of paracetamol instead. Does the average Joe know what paracetamol is? Search Google to find out! Here’s a hint: Tylenol.

Pandemics and panic; is martial law coming? Wait, what is martial law? If martial law were to become enforced, direct military control would take over civilian freedom, which is unlikely to happen. Referring to quarantine during COVID-19 as a potential introduction to martial law is a bit of a reach. However, actress Evangeline Lily decided to draw this comparison, confusing the public as to what the government’s role is or should be during the outbreak. 

How long will coronavirus last? The more we flatten the curve by social distancing and keeping clean, COVID-19 will slow down and eventually die out. The answer to the last most searched for question is up to those who wonder; how long will coronavirus last? As long as you do nothing to slow it down.