How CEOs Are Helping with the Crisis

Companies are reworking the very structure of their businesses to keep their employees safe and to ensure that they will be taken care of during this pandemic. After the incredible surge in unemployment, employers are taking matters into their own hands in fighting against the harsh reality a pandemic can bring. Not only is the virus a threat to a worker’s well-being, but it’s a threat to the larger structures that keep the economy running. 

CEO of Delta airlines, Ed Bastian, has decided to forgo his own salary for the remainder of the year to diminish layoffs of Delta employees. This generous initiative is an example set for CEO’s of major companies to relieve their employees of the financial crisis as we endure the pandemic. Campbells Soup has provided a brand new protocol for handling a pandemic safely and includes increased wages as well as remote work strategy.

This isn’t the only big business that has offered their employees increased safety measures; health insurance companies such as AETNA, Alignment Healthcare, Anthem, and others, are waiving COVID-19 testing so insurance payers can receive care without a doubt. For the students who are being forced out of dormitories amidst the pandemic, U-Haul is offering 30 days of free storage for students who have been impacted by these sudden schedule changes. 

In many ways, the business community is coming together to prove their solidarity and to support each other in these trying times.