Workout? Inside!

As more and more businesses shut down indefinitely due to the easily transmissible virus, we’re forced to find ways to stay fit in isolation. 

First things first, we’ve got to stretch before our workouts. Plenty of yoga videos are available for free on platforms such as YouTube, with instructions ranging from beginner to advanced. Thanks to multiple wifi companies, such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and Comcast, anyone who has been impacted by coronavirus will have their payments deferred and the internet will continue to run. 

The famous Nike training app has suspended it’s monthly fee of $14.99 indefinitely and is offering free yoga classes, cardio/high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and weight training/workout classes. These workouts are coupled with nutritional tips, the importance of mindfulness and sleep, and information on the training and recovery process. 

The 24/7 gym, Planet Fitness, has closed its doors due to the pandemic and has opened an online training program coined “Home Work-Ins.” The gym started teaching free, 20 minute classes on Facebook Live to promote the health of avid gym-goers as they endure quarantine.

Carrot, the hardcore fitness training app, has officially freed up their download, as well as the monthly subscription. This app features a character, Carrot, and makes the user submit to it as it’s ‘fitness overlord,’ berating the user into training harder and continuing to push through each workout, or “7 Minutes in Hell.”

When your workout is complete, it’s important to stretch one more time to prevent strains, increase flexibility, and reduce muscle tension. We hope this information was helpful for those who are at a loss after the gyms have closed down but don’t worry- we’ll get through this 

t o g e t h e r.