How to Unlock Your Inner Artist

Creativity is widely referred to as that spark of inspiration which transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. New and innovative ways of thinking are regarded as creative. But the process of creativity, and how we begin to unlock our inner artist is complex since creativity is a different experience for everyone. Though unlocking one’s inner artist is different for everyone, there are a few ways to help get you settled into the creative mind, and lead you into finding the ways in which you’re eased into creative thinking. 

Take a walk. A Stanford study discovered that taking a walk outdoors increases creative abilities more than being sedentary or walking on a treadmill. Though convergence (focus) was hardly achieved while walking, the divergence of thought was increased amongst those who took a walk. So, walking improves creative thinking, but it is only the first step.

To go beyond the first step of brainstorming, write down your ideas (or creative inspirations) as they come to you, and flow with them. This free flow of thought may lead to new connections in the brain, which can give you an entirely new perspective for the goal of your project. 

Give each creative thought a persona of its own, and figure out how each “character” can work together in harmony. Whether your creative thoughts are colors, characters in a storybook, or sounds in music, you can use the idea of personalization to tie your creation together. 

Collaborate with others, both inside and outside of your field of expertise. The experience and knowledge of others can inspire new ideas to form for you in your creative process. The more minds open to discussion on creative projects, the more room there is for the expansion of your own ideas. These differing perspectives can offer deep insight into your own ideas, your responses to critique, and an evolving sense of curiosity. Overcoming one’s own inner critic by collaborating with others on a project is important in unlocking your inner artist. Dig deeper, take in the scenery around you, and collaborate with others to potentially bring light to your inner creative genius.