How to Appeal to Gen Zers

Gen Zers are a transparent crowd. The Gen Zers have created a culture of expression comparable to no other previous generation. With a creative mind and the will of a long-time activist, the Gen Zer sees through your company’s BS and knows just how to prove their point. 

The digital age has been evolving alongside Gen Z, and they use technological tools to share their expression, where it is widely-received, and constantly transcending the barriers of what should and should not be brought to light. Once known as a taboo, Gen Z has broken the binary of good vs. bad in terms of mental health, body positivity, and more. This leads to a generation of people unafraid to address their inner struggles through art and advocacy for others.

Their differences in terms of what will and will not be shared/well-received may come from the lack of TV programming consumed by the Gen Zer. According to the researchers at Magid, 46% of Gen Zers consider television as part of their daily routine. In comparison to other generations, 55% of Millennials consume television daily, followed by 68% of Gen Xers, and 86% of Boomers. With this information, it can be concluded that the average Gen Zer is not recognizing TV programming as a part of their daily routine. This divergence from common television leaves an infinite potential for creative expression through other mediums. 

How is it then, that companies are able to reach such a wildly different, new crowd? After all, Gen Zers make up 30% of the world’s population, making them a huge target audience. With the rise in social media advertising, you’ll know amongst commentators if other brands are succeeding with their crowd. Take Popfit for instance; their brand produces leggings/shorts/activewear… What else is new? However, their branding strategy is quite revolutionary according to the Gen Zers. Popfit’s social media appears to feature a diverse group of people sporting their products. Real people are what Gen Zers want to see to buy into a product or service. 

Be real with your audience, be honest about your product/service, and you will begin to convert your visitors into customers.