How Does Your Business Stand Out During the Crisis?

Every Covid-19 Commercial is Exactly the Same

Using old b-roll from factories and stock footage of empty, universally nostalgic tourist spots, most advertisements are stuck in a coronavirus cliche. Coronavirus cliches are enveloped with platitudes for tag lines, featuring both smiling and distraught faces, and empty places alike. So then, how is your company standing out against the competitive noise?

How to Stand Out Against Competitors

Marketing your product/business is an ever-changing concept, especially since the industry has moved online. Keeping an eye out for sponsored advertisements on social media is a great place to start. Thanks to the comment, like, and save sections, businesses are now able to see how commenters/consumers are responding to ads. Many consumers will comment on what the ad is missing and what they want to see, rather than what the ad got right. With consumers canceling any ad/business model that is not practicing tolerance, inclusivity, or sustainability, it is crucial to review your strategy before releasing it into the public eye. 

User-Generated Content

Nowadays, it is commonplace for engagement to be higher amongst user-generated content (UGC). This UGC spreads like wildfire on social media platforms; most notably on Instagram and YouTube. Since most consumers are Millennials and Gen Zers, your audience is getting information online rather than through television programming. Since both groups mostly discover brands in social media spaces, they are expecting novelty, or authenticity, since it is scarce in television advertising. This is where knowing your audience comes into place. UGC speaks directly to the consumer with passion and transparency. 

What Does the Audience Want to See?

With the rise of UGC, consumers are engaging with authentic, direct content. While polished production styles have a positive impact on consumers, there is still a lot to be said for a “homemade,” direct style of advertising. With fewer cutscenes and more flow, the consumer perceives the product or service to be more authentic and presented in a relatable manner. This can fall in line with influencer marketing. Moreover, nano-influencers have gained much popularity for the Gen Zers in terms of advertising- since these influencers are perceived as more authentic for being not-so-famous, aka untrustworthy. 

Rather than copying the competitors, stand out against the crowd with authentic advertising that drives an emphasis on relatability. Relieve the public of sentiments that are overused and give your audience what they really want to see and hear. Do your research, be authentic and your business will go far!