Reliability Increasing Product Consumption

The past decade presented consumers with Instagram’s snaps of perfection on a plate, leading to an array of food trends to take off. But 2020 had something else in store for us. With the pandemic spreading throughout the globe, consumers are modifying their relationship with food and taking fewer risks in their cooking.

The current crisis has reduced the space for trendy toppings and trying new recipes. Within the past few months, people have received a reality check on the importance of resourcefulness and reliability. With grocery stores ransacked and emptied, consumers are beginning to adapt and adjust. Now, several multi decade-established brands are spiking in sales.

With no time for risking a new beer you may or may not like, Budlight has seen upwards of a 10% increase in sales since the pandemic began. The rise in craft brewing has since plateaued due to many consumer’s unwillingness to take the risk of uncertainty.

And what goes better with a cold beer than a hot pizza! According to Domino’s, the long-time pizza supplier saw an increase of 4.4% in sales since Q1. The company has moved to a 100% contactless delivery service which has been well-received by pizza lovers. 

Reliability is what consumers need right now, and probably for some time after the pandemic is resolved. Building brand trust and strategizing for the future of your business is crucial for this slow period. 

While the numbers are spiking for long-standing business, remember to support your local shops. Now more than ever, the community around you needs help to sustain its business. Competing against a franchise such as Domino’s can take a small business out of your neighborhood and leave consumers to rely on big corporations rather than individuals close to home.  

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