Social Distancing Whopper

Sometimes, it can be hard to visualize six feet when practicing social distancing. But, what about onion breath? You may be wondering, “what about it?” Burger King knows how easy it is to stay six feet away from someone who has stank breath. This is why the fast-food chain created the “Social Distancing Whopper.”

Not only does the germ-resistant whopper look socially distanced, but it’s guaranteed to keep others at least six feet away from you. On top of the buttered and toasted bun goes a slab of meat, followed by ketchup, pickles, and about three layers of onions separating the top layer of tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise before the top bun closes in, keeping it all together.

The humorous advertisement plays on the idea of social distancing in a creative and very real way. Released in Italy, Wundermann Thompson Italia created the novel advertisement to hopefully give a smile to a country that definitely needs a bit of comedic relief. 

Maybe more food chains will hop on the bandwagon to help the community practice social distancing by creating that stank breath barrier. Bon appetit!