Instagram Tests IGTV Ad Feature

At this point, everyone who frequents Instagram has noticed the advertisements popping up as a post on your feed. Now, the social media platform is testing out the more long-form advertising style on the IGTV feature. 

Since the platform limits the amount of time a video can capture on the feed, the IGTV feature has taken off as a new form of communication to a broad audience on Instagram. However, that’s not all, during the test run, these advertisements will show up in the middle of some of your favorite influencers’ IGTV videos. Some of these influencers, such as Lele Pons and Adam Waheed, will be receiving part of the revenue from the ads placed in their IGTV videos. While the ads can be skippable or non-skippable, Instagram will also provide a swipe-up option for them.

During the first phase of testing, Instagram will be human-reviewing the content of the IGTV videos that are being submitted by users for the ad placements. While most of the platform users are familiar with Instagram guidelines, there will be a separate set of rules if a content creator wants to monetize by using the advertisement in their IGTV video.

The company has also announced a new IGTV and video feed post feature in which a video can be tagged for merchandise if a content creator has a brand they represent, or to redirect followers to their own personal merchandise, a take on Live Shopping. CEO of Instagram (and Facebook), Mark Zuckerberg, has decided to try this new feature because of the rise in e-commerce, which he believes will help the economy as the crisis continues. There has been an exponential boost in e-commerce sales as the pandemic persists; from Walmart to Amazon, consumers have been drawn to online purchases due to lockdowns. 

Lately, Instagram has taken note of how its platform can be used to sell products, taking a stake in influencers who are attempting to find ways to do so. Only now, Instagram wants a cut of it and is setting the rules for how influencers can partner with the platform to share ad revenue. Let us know if you’ve seen any of these IGTV ads!