Nextdoor App Partners with Clorox

The Nextdoor app is revolutionary for getting involved with your neighborhood. These days, not too many people know their neighbors or how to reach them best. 

The app lets you see who needs help around you, or any questions, or concerns, and gives you the ability to assist your neighbors. Recently, the coronavirus has spread throughout the globe, and many people need assistance. The partnership of Clorox and the Nextdoor app encourages caregiving in times of distress and uncertainty. CEO of Nextdoor, Sarah Friar, announced that the company had seen a 260% increase in members offering to help their neighbors. 

The assistance from neighbors is benefitting the lives of many seniors who are unfortunately at a higher risk of contracting the virus. It is clear to see the necessity of the community that the Nextdoor app provides. Walmart decided to join the Nextdoor mission by reserving one hour for early-morning curbside pickups for the elderly and those helping their elderly neighbors. 

In the Nextdoor advertisement, provided by Clorox, an elderly woman named Sophie appears on the screen, and needs groceries and cleaning supplies. Due to the pandemic, Sophie is afraid to step outside of the house and take a trip to the crowded grocery store. After logging into the Nextdoor app, Sophie’s younger neighbor Ines decides to help her out. Ines heads out to the grocery store and gets what Sophie needs, and drops it off at her house. 

By simply logging on to, you can see who needs help around you and how you can assist. This wholesome advertisement gives hope to those who need it most in these uncertain and risky times.