Tik Tok Advertising is the Future

Everyone’s heard about Tik Tok, but for those who aren’t on it, they may not really “get it.” Tik Tok keeps you in the know regarding new trends, how to get noticed, virality, and a niche sense of humor. Advertising on Tik Tok is rampant and works for influencers, Tik Tokers, and advertising agencies. 

Tik Tok has been around since August 2018. Amidst the pandemic, less than two years later, Tik Tok reached 50 million users. When the pandemic began in March and most of America was on lockdown, TikTok had seen an increase of 12 million unique visitors, increasing their U.S. users to a total of 52.2 million. Most of these newcomers are 18+, likely because they now have extra time to delve into the world of Tik Tok, which they may have once thought was only for the younger crowd. 

The buzz around Tik Tok is for a good reason, the endlessly creative and easy-to-use app is here to stay. Something unique about Tik Tok for advertising and marketing agencies to keep in mind is the virality that comes with these snippets. Tik Tok isn’t only on Tik Tok; these videos SPREAD throughout multimedia outlets, bringing curious people to the app store. 

Tik Tok is easy to advertise within, easily shareable and has a large number of users creating daily content, but it is also extremely experimental in testing marketing strategies. Trends come and go, many stay for a while due to users’ unique content spins. Taking the time to experiment with trends, starting a new trend, and scoping out your audience can help your business thrive in the Tik Tok world. Consumers are all over the app, and many influencers are too. Teaming up with influencers makes your brand likely to gain more visitors and possible customers.