Reddit – A Gold Mine for Advertisers

Reddit is a popular social media and content sharing site used by 339 million monthly users worldwide. Reddit differentiates itself from other popular social media platforms with its commitment to transparency and a more user-controlled algorithm. Posts that receive upvotes get more visibility, while those that get downvotes get fewer views and are harder to find. The hyper-customized approach Reddit offers to its users allows them only to receive content about their topics of interest by subscribing to boards and subreddits. The way Reddit works, as a user-controlled platform, brings several advantages to advertisers that they are not able to get on other social media platforms. Here are some of the most important ones: 

  • Reddit users are usually very loyal to the platform and use it to share and find information about their topics of interest in a more detailed way than any other social platform. Reddit is community-based, and members get to know each other and respect each other’s opinions in a more personalized way through points or “Karma.” The subreddits’ topics can sometimes be interestingly niche and specific and can give advertisers a glimpse of the consumer’s mind that other platforms simply can’t. Paying attention to the topics discussed on the subreddits and how Redditors communicate between them is key for advertisers to understand their audience and create an effective ad.
  • Besides their loyalty, Reddit users are more engaged, and have a higher retention rate than users in the two most popular social media sites, Facebook and Instagram. With a rather low investment, marketers can target hyper-specific groups for longer and have higher opportunities for retargeting. 
  • Even though there are great opportunities for PPC campaigns on Reddit, sometimes organic content can also drive users to your business. Redditors spend a lot of their time researching content and often share links to outside pages to illustrate their point and show sourcing (yes! You can cite sources on social media, who would have thought.) If your business has informational content that can be shared on Reddit, such as blogs, infographics, or articles, make sure your team starts building a presence by providing valuable information on subreddits that users can upvote and share. 
  • The content you post on Reddit cannot be in a vacuum. The whole point of Reddit is to be part of a community by actively building it and engaging. Brands or businesses looking to tap into this must come to fully understand each subreddit’s dynamics, as they can change dramatically. If you explore the platform, you will notice that each subreddit has a culture and a set of rules. Adapting to this culture, understanding the rules, and engaging fully by commenting, upvoting, and sharing content like a regular member will be more effective than self-promoting without finding your place in the group. Authenticity is everything in Reddit, and members of communities have very little patience for fake accounts trying to infiltrate.
  • Use google or tools such as redditlist to find information about the communities you’re looking to target. Don’t focus on massive subreddits, instead find those with around 5,000, highly engaged members where your participation will be noticed and hopefully well received. 
  • Last but not least, if you’re activating a PPC campaign on Reddit, do some market research to find the best times to release the ads, understand demographics, and learn about what your customers want to see. Again, on Reddit, authenticity and relatability is vital.