How to Score Big With Your Social Content

Social media is a powerhouse for businesses to connect to their audience, drive engagement, and boost sales revenue. Producing creative content is now one of the most sought after talents people aim for – everyone wants to provide content that people will follow, share, and ultimately act on if it’s a product for purchase. With approximately 3.6 billion internet users, producing fresh content that stands out can be challenging, and if done wrong can hurt your brand. 

Social media is ultimately used because people desire content and turn to it for entertainment, education, and socializing. More importantly, most users turn to social media through their mobile devices as they are on the go or simply for convenience. To drive engagement, sales, and leads for your business, you’ll want to have a strong social media strategy. We know it can be hard to keep content fresh and engaging, so we’ve put together some tips to help keep your social media presence influential. 

Know your audience 

The first step to creating any digital marketing strategy is understanding your target audience. To connect with people you need to know them. Your business may have already done the work in identifying customer personas, however, your customer can differ on social media platforms and each persona can change per platform. By knowing their emotional, psychological, and physical states along with specific behaviors, you can better present them content that connects. 

A good way to get inside your target audience’s mind is to create a buyer/client persona board. Visually express what your target audience’s life looks like through images, words, or sticky notes and then start to connect your brand with them through compelling content. 

Read industry-related books 

Read an industry-defining book to help you think in a different way and discover new and unique research for your topic. There are so many books, either digital or print, out there written by experienced industry professionals that contain first-hand accounts of ways they have tried and succeeded (and failed, of course). Reading a book, white papers, or e-guides can be a great way to garner new inspiration for your social media strategy.


Remember KISS principle 

Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Add in humor 

Nothing is more engaging than making someone laugh! Think about most of the content you share on social media with friends, is it stuff that makes you laugh? Humor is an effective technique for connecting with your audience because it gives your brand a personality. Hootsuite reports that “Entertaining content is one of the top five reasons people follow particular brands or individuals online.” Everyone is entertained with a good laugh. 

Include a question in the caption 

Asking questions is a great way to encourage engagement from followers. It doesn’t have to be anything that will leave people pondering over it for hours, but giving them an opportunity to engage with your brand will help keep them entertained. Short questions that are on trend with real time events such as with Charmin with a dose of humor can encourage quick reactions and answers from your audience.

Keep up with the trends 

This tip is extremely important to help your brand stay relevant. The world of social media is constantly changing and introducing new trends and insights, especially with the rise of influencers. If you don’t prioritize keeping up, you could be left behind. Do your research, keep up with the latest statistics, and stay on top of the trends. 

Stay consistent 

Ensuring your content is consistent in every sense of the word will be what keeps customers loyal and engaged. This is where your social media content calendar comes into play. Decide the days you’ll post, how many posts per platform, and what you’ll post on those days.

You also want to stay consistent with the design of your social media. For example, if your brand has a designated color and you use that in all your posts, don’t switch it up. Keep everything reminding your followers of your brand. If your chosen form of content is video, this type of media needs consistency as well! Videos should be shot the same way, have similar video toning, and if you can, use the same font across your video for a long period of time. Switching your style constantly can hinder your audience’s ability to recognize your brand as soon as they see you appear in their feed.

Things to consider when making your social media plan:

  • What social media platforms are right for your business?
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Deciding how often you’ll post on each platform you’ve chosen
  • What types of content will you post on each platform?
  • Will you use other tools? Social media management software?