Great 2020 Christmas Campaigns

The big day is just around the corner, and brands have been delivering their 2020 Christmas campaigns in full force. This Christmas definitely looks a bit different, but the holiday cheer is still here and brands are still putting out some great campaigns. Let’s get in the Christmas spirit by looking at some of TriSpark’s favorite holiday campaigns. 

Disney, “From Our Family To Yours”

Disney struck some heartstrings with their Christmas campaign this year that focused on family and traditions. Disney said insights from consumers showed that traditions, family and nostalgia were most important to them this year. The short shows the relationship of a grandmother and granddaughter and the traditions they have over the years that center around a stuffed Mickey doll. 

The campaign is running across 26 markets in Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand, North America and parts of Asia. 

John Lewis & WaitRose, “Give a little love”

This campaign is part of a charity push to help suffering families amid the pandemic. Unlike the company’s campaigns in the past, this one follows a deeper narrative created by eight artists. All of this illustrates (according to John Lewis): “How acts of kindness, large and small, can multiply and positively impact the world in which we live as we pass them on to others.” 

The campaign’s two-minute spot was created by advertising agency partner adam&eveDDB and features nine different vignettes created by eight different artists. 

Amazon, “The Show Must Go On”

Amazon revealed their 2020 seasonal campaign that stars a young ballerina who has to continue practicing her dancing from home due to Covid-19. The campaign centers around the ballerina’s community and how they all come together to help the girl perform for her neighborhood when the performance is canceled. 

The global campaign was created by creative agency, Lucky Generals. Vice President of Global Creative at Amazon said that this year’s Amazon’s ad campaign is meant to convey the communal resilience shown throughout this year. 

The Body Shop, “Unseen Kingdoms” 

Debuting its first-ever Christmas TV campaign, The Body Shop has teamed up with Channel 4 to highlight the issue of female homelessness in the UK through the use of spoken poetry in a 60-second ad. The ad is also accompanied by a docuseries that shares different ladies’ stories of homelessness. The series launched across Channel 4’s YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Papa John’s, “Giving More This Christmas”

Instead of creating a huge seasonal campaign this year, Papa John’s is putting their money into helping solve hunger and homelessness in the UK. The “Giving more this Christmas’ campaign sees the pizza delivery chain donating a portion of their creative and marketing budgets to Crisis and the Trussell Trust.

The campaign is airing in the UK and was created by Papa John’s internal staff who helped design and create the assets for the Christmas 2020 campaign.

What are a few of your favorite campaigns from this season? If your company is looking to create a campaign, contact TriSpark Media today.