2021 Social Media Marketing Predictions

Trying to stay ahead of the trends this year? In the world of marketing and social media, trends pop up faster than an overnight pimple. The only way to truly stay ahead of the game is to predict what will emerge next in the world of social media marketing, and that takes some significant research. Lucky for you, we did it for you. 

If there’s one thing we learned from this past year, it’s that landscapes are constantly changing and behaviors are quickly evolving. In March, as countries implemented stay-at-home orders due to the global pandemic, Statista reported a 21% increase in monthly social media usage. Social networking sites are now estimated to have 3.6 billion users, and it’s reported to keep growing over the span of the next year. To understand more about what brands should expect in 2021, we compiled research and predictions from top marketing experts that we think take the stage of emerging trends. 

Video content will continue to dominate

Video content has become the most shared type of content on social media, which makes sense; it’s easy to consume. A study done showed that videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Video content allows brands to be creative with themselves. It allows for a company, who may not have a physical product or service easy to explain, use high-quality production and a bit of innovation to create a compelling message that written content just wouldn’t provide. 

54% of people currently say they want more video content on their feeds. Read our blog on creating worthy video content for your consumers. 

Social shopping will grow in popularity 

According to Adobe Analytics, the US eCommerce sales saw a 55% increase in June 2020 compared to June 2019. We saw Instagram change their whole layout to shift more focus to their shoppable feature. Platforms such as Depop and Shopify have seen a significant increase in users due to the wanted convenience of shopping from home. We just saw TikTok partner with Walmart to produce their first-ever shoppable content on the app. Gyms started to offer their classes virtually, while grocery stores amped up their marketing efforts towards their delivery and curbside pickup offerings. 2021 will be the year consumer brands need to find creative ways to sell their products virtually. 

Virtual events will stay and brands will continue to go live 

According to a survey conducted in April 2020 among event professionals and their suppliers, it was found that due to the outbreak of the coronavirus 70 percent of respondents had moved at least portions of their face-to-face event to a virtual platform, and some did it completely. Of those, 69 percent decided to use a webinar format instead of the face-to-face, while 62 percent live-streamed their speakers. 

With virtual events, travel issues and costs aren’t as much of an issue and many companies have found a higher attendance rate due to this. In 2021, virtual events will continue to be a popular route to garner more engagement for [usually] cheaper costs. 

Reels are real 

A prominent introduction to social media this year was the Reels feature on Instagram. The short videos can be 15 or 30 seconds long and offer users fun effects to use while filming. According to Instagram, the brand wanted to give users more content creation opportunities on its app. While ads are not able to advertise within the Reel feature,  Reels show up as public on the Popular page and can be seen by people who don’t follow your brand. 

Social Media will embrace gaming and VR

Data gathered by Hubspot showed that in the last year, the number of social media users who identify as “gamers” increased by more than 10 million. The report saw that the highest uptick in gamer identification happened in COVID-19’s heaviest lockdown months. Many media industry leaders expect gaming to become the next all-in-one source for users’ entertainment. 

If your company is looking to step up its marketing game this new year, contact TriSpark Media. Our team of talented and dedicated marketers will hit your marketing goals for 2021 and on.