Five Ways to Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Spring signifies a time of renewal and rebirth within people’s lives. While you’re focusing on cleaning up your home and reorganizing your life, don’t forget to pay attention to your professional endeavors. It’s important to clean out your digital marketing strategy to make way for new trends and ideas while removing things that may not work anymore. 

As marketing professionals, it’s important to check in on your online campaigns and strategies a few times throughout the year to determine initial results, reactions, and overall effectiveness. With the first quarter of the year behind us, spring can be the perfect time to review analytics and adjust or refresh strategies to guarantee they are right for your business. 

Revisit Goals 

Everything included in your digital marketing strategy is there to help achieve some kind of goal: increase brand awareness, widen audience reach, convert audience, increase sales. However, goals may change over time and your focus may shift. Revisiting your digital marketing goals and analyzing how they have been achieved in the first quarter can help you further strengthen your digital marketing strategy. 

Review All Digital Strategies 

In order to get a better understanding of how your digital marketing strategy is panning out, you should go through all tools and platforms being used and evaluate their performance. Some of these strategies may include email marketing, content creation, SEO, website, events, and social media channels. It’s important to evaluate the ROI you get for each. When reviewing the different strategies ask yourself questions – Have your SEO efforts gained you any 1st place keywords? Have your Instagram efforts resulted in sales? Are your emails being opened more often, and bringing customers back to your site? 

Refresh Paid Advertising 

Spring is a good time to refresh some of your paid advertising that’s running online. Ensure all of your advertising campaigns and content are up to date with new Google best practices. You’ll want to optimize your keywords, check the connections for your links, and refresh your copy to ensure it’s timely. 

Reexamine Social Algorithms 

Social platforms are constantly going through algorithm changes in order to test out new features. It can be arduous having to know when every platform switches up its algorithm, so doing a deep examining come springtime may be helpful. In the meantime, there are sites like Social Media Examiner that post the latest updates and trends.

Reevaluate Your Keywords 

Keywords are a crucial element to paid advertising and organic SEO and ensuring your work has a strong opportunity of being seen. Good quality keywords are one of the most efficient ways to attract consistent, quality traffic to your site. Accounting for WordPress users alone, 2 million posts are published every single day. That’s 24 blog posts every second. You have a lot of content to compete with among top search results, and keywords can help you. Check on your keywords and see how they are performing. Are you ranking higher in terms of search thanks to them? Are certain keywords raking in more visitors than others? Click here for the top 50 keywords of 2020. 

If your digital marketing strategy is in the market for a springtime renewal, contact TriSpark Media today. Our team of talented marketers will set your digital strategy up for success.