Preparing for Summer Marketing

When it comes to marketing, businesses are always looking ahead to new opportunities. When creating marketing plans, you need to be a season ahead and prepared for what each month holds in creative opportunities. The demand for your product or service and your specific content depends on seasonality. It’s almost summertime, and that brings new holidays and themes revolving around sun and relaxation. If done right, you can create a solid summer marketing plan that keeps customers engaged and keeps this sales season hot. 

Hit the Holidays 

Summer months bring many holidays, whether they are official calendar ones or silly marketing ones, they hold many opportunities for marketers. Website messaging, social media promotions, and email campaigns will help you communicate the amazing deals customers can get through your brand. 

Veer Towards Vacations 

Summer months also see an increase in travel as families take advantage of school vacations. This is a great time to ramp up your marketing efforts for any products or services that might relate to travel. See what people are searching for in relation to travel. Does your business offer a solution to this? If so, get to marketing it!

Get Outside 

People are also more likely to get outside more and participate in more events during the summer months. Follow suit and participate in community outings. If you sell products, sign up to set up a booth at your local farmer’s market. If you offer services, maybe tap into new opportunities for outdoor advertising at community events. Use fairs, concerts, and other community events to get your business in front of a large, captive audience. Brand loyalty is important to your brand’s success, and showing your local community support may just get your quarterly sales to where they need to be.  

Tap into Trends 

Consider what people do more often during the summer than other times of the year and what relevant products or services they may buy to fulfill their needs. For example, June weddings are very popular so tap into that. Consumers are searching for wedding clothes, gifts, cards, and other wedding-related services. The more convenient you can make that shopping experience, the better. Create specific landing pages and collections that let the customers focus on which of your groupings to purchase instead of wondering where to get started.

Seasonal marketing is about looking at the calendar, identifying appropriate opportunities, and capitalizing on them. If your business hasn’t already planned its summer marketing and needs some help, contact TriSpark Media today. Our team of talented marketers and advertisers can help your business create a solid media plan for every season. 

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