How to Market to Gen X: Statistics to Help You Better Understand Them

All generations have certain characteristics about them that make each member inherently a part of that group. Gen Z has never known a world without the internet and is hugely influential; Millennials are the largest group in the workforce and spends consciously; Gen X prefers honest and clear marketing when looking to buy; lastly, Baby Boomers want a seamless purchasing experience with little to no hassle, and know exactly how much a product should cost. 

Each generation is different when it comes to how they consume media, and marketers must be aware. If you’re going to successfully market to a certain demographic or generation, you must understand their core qualities and behaviors. Let’s take a deeper look into Generation X to better understand how to successfully market to them. 

Born between 1965 and 1980, Gen X makes up 30% of the American population. Accordinging to the U.S. Department of Labor, Generation X outspends all other generations when it comes to housing, clothing, eating out and entertainment. They are experienced with purchasing both online and in-store, so you have to be strategic with how and where you market to this audience. Given some of this generation is close to the Baby Boomer age, you shouldn’t forget traditional media; 48% listen to the radio, 62% percent still read newspapers and 85% percent watch traditional television. 

They Use the Internet to Research Businesses

72% of Generation X hop on the web to research a business after hearing about it.  You’ll want to make sure your company information and messaging are consistent across all boards, social platforms and your website. Clean up and build citations, optimize your website for local, mobile and voice search, and get more online reviews. 

They are Active on Social Media 

95% use Facebook, 35% use LinkedIn, 25% post regularly on Twitter.  Facebook is the platform of choice for this generation making it an effective platform to use to market to them. As you work on targeting this age group with your Facebook ads, remember the nature of a Gen Xer. Be sure your brand profile is complete with a description, contact information, and hours of operation if that is relevant, and that all information is correct and kept up to date.

They Have the Highest Brand Loyalty

Generation X, of all the generations, tends to have the highest brand loyalty. Companies have reported that Gen X-ers are loyal to the brands they love, so as long as you can get them in the door and give them a good experience, they should remain loyal. Returning customers are responsible for generating 41 percent of store revenue, so make sure to do what you can to keep your Generation X customers loyal.

They are Nostalgic 

Google conducted a YouTube survey to find out what Generation X likes to watch most. As it turns out, the common theme was nostalgia. Gen X-ers want to watch videos related to the past:

  • Past events
  • People from the past
  • Old TV commercials
  • Music from the past

Nostalgia marketing tip: Add a little nostalgia to your marketing. Whether it’s by mentioning a throwback or creating a video in the style of their favorite TV shows or commercials from the past, give them something that stirs the nostalgia within your Generation X customers.

They Feel Overlooked by Brands and Marketers 

54% of Generation Xers feel they are overlooked by brands and marketers. Understanding the goals and interests of this group of brand loyalists can help you advantage their significant purchasing power.

Gearing your marketing to a specific generation may seem daunting if you don’t understand the motivations behind their choices. If you are looking to hone in on your marketing efforts that aim to intrigue a specific generation, contact TriSpark Media today. Our team of talented marketers will get your strategy to where it needs to be.