How Advertising Will Change in a Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent ripple effects through every industry imaginable across the world. The digital marketing industry is no different. It’s crucial to take note of how the world around us has changed and adapted accordingly. There have been numerous changes to our day-to-day lives, such as a newfound reliance on technology like video conferencing. Consumer purchasing habits have changed, and as marketers, it’s our job to understand where people’s attitudes and values lie in a post-pandemic world in order to advertise in ways that resonate with them.

The post-pandemic world presents a number of opportunities for digital advertisers to capitalize on. Digital experiences are more important than ever, and it is now impossible for businesses to ignore their own presence in this space. The explosive growth of social media during the pandemic is yet another avenue for businesses to capitalize on. More consumers than ever are relying on e-commerce to do their shopping as well as communicating with their friends and family through video chats.

With so many uncertainties still facing us in the aftermath of the pandemic, advertisers must become comfortable with the unknown. Change is everywhere, and those that are the most flexible and agile will find the most success. Here are some of the biggest changes to consider in a post-pandemic world.

Increase Your Online Presence

While lockdown restrictions are easing up in many parts of the world, it shouldn’t be a shock that many businesses should still invest resources into their online presence. From e-commerce to social media, there are tons of ways to make your business more approachable to an increasingly Internet-savvy population. Long gone are the days where a business could neglect the digital side of its business. Customers are more likely than ever to search for your business online, and it’s time to make sure your digital presence is ready for them.

Revamp Your Communication Strategy

As much as things have changed for businesses, so too have they changed for consumers. Their day-to-day schedules and lives may be completely different than they were pre-pandemic. That means your previous communication strategies, which may have worked well at that time, are in need of a fresh coat of paint. Try rethinking your entire approach to communicating with your target demographics when considering how their lives have been changed by the pandemic. For example, consider adding additional methods of reaching your consumers, such as investing in web, video, or podcast advertisements.

Give Back to the Community

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. With so many people and businesses suffering as a result of the pandemic, it is more important than ever to invest in your local community. A general approach with marketing over the course of the last year has been to include a more empathetic tone. One great way to win over consumers is to show them your commitment to your local community by helping people get back on their feet. This can be through donations or other relief efforts.

Double Down on SEO

Even before the pandemic, search engine optimization has been a critical aspect of many businesses. SEO is more important than ever due to the increase in consumer use of digital platforms. If you haven’t been investing in SEO, the best time to start is today. And if you already have established your SEO game, this is an opportunity to make sure it’s properly optimized for your specific marketing needs. This means adding more niche and long-tail keywords

Focus On Where Your Target Demographic Is

As social media usage has increased during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re focusing your advertising efforts on the proper platforms. You wouldn’t want to waste your advertising efforts on a platform when it turns out your target demographic is stronger elsewhere. Businesses should take the time to reflect on the consumers they’re looking for and where to find them. This depends completely on your industry and product, for example, a skincare business should focus on a platform like Instagram rather than Google or LinkedIn.

While the amount of change over the past year can be intimidating, it is also a great opportunity to improve your business. Whether you’re looking to rethink your advertising plans, or starting to implement one, these strategies will help you navigate the post-pandemic advertising landscape. Reach out to our team of talented marketers at TriSpark Media who can work with you to execute a marketing plan that will help your business thrive.