How to Choose Which Social Media Platform to Focus On

Many businesses struggle with the question of which social media platform to focus on. With the emergence of new platforms like TikTok, there has never been a better time for social media marketing. However, all these options can lead to many questions for a business. Which platform is my target demographic using the most? If I focus too much on Instagram, will I miss out on a better platform? These types of questions are important to ask when trying to create a social media strategy for your business.

While the world of social media may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. The marketing and advertising industry has had quite a few years to adjust to the rise of social media. While this field is constantly growing and evolving, there are still some tried and true methods to ensure your precious marketing dollars are being spent on the right platforms.

Here are some of the things to consider when deciding which social media platforms to focus on:    

Consider Your Industry & Position

The first step is to look at your company and the industry it exists in from a bird’s eye view. Where does your company fit in amongst the competition? How does your product or service differentiate itself from the rest? Why should your target audience choose you? Answering these questions will allow you to create the foundation that the rest of your marketing strategy will stand on. This foundation will help you chart a course for whichever social media platforms you end up focusing on.

Who is Your Audience?

Perhaps the most crucial element of any social media-related strategy is figuring out who your target audience is. The more specific you are with who your audience is, the easier it will be to reach them through marketing. Creating an imaginary typical customer can be a good starting point when trying to determine your audience. You should also consider other demographic factors, like age, gender, education background, and geographic location. Once you’re able to piece together who your target demographic is, you’ll have a much easier time choosing which social media platform to choose.

Plan Out Your Content

After figuring out your target audience, the next most important order of business is deciding what type of content you want to be posting on social media. Not all types of content will do well on every type of social media platform. For example, if your content is more on the professional and business-like side, you may want to focus on a platform like LinkedIn instead of TikTok. There are a ton of factors that go into which content does well on a certain type of platform, and some of it may come down to trial and error. But you should always have a plan for the type of content you want to be putting out on social media before you start.

Think About Your Brand Voice

Now that you’ve nailed down your target audience and the type of content you want to post, another important piece of the puzzle is your brand voice. Your brand voice is the personality that shows through in the marketing content you put out. Whether it’s the style of writing in the captions or the visual design language of the content itself, you’ll want to have a strong idea of what your brand voice is before choosing a social media platform. If your target demographic is on the younger side, you can’t capture their attention with the same type of brand voice that you would use for an older crowd. Your brand voice is an opportunity to distinctly connect with your target audience on an emotional level, so make sure you put some thought into this area before moving forward on your marketing plans.   

The world of social media is always changing. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a challenge for your business to overcome. It can be an opportunity for growth by reaching your target audience in a way that not all forms of advertising can. If you’re interested in partnering with a team that can assist with your marketing campaign, look no further than TriSpark Media. Reach out to our team of talented advertisers and marketers who can work with you to help your business stand out among the rest.